SC reground Twinkam Camshaft

SC reground Twinkam Camshaft



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SC reground Twinkam Camshaft

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SC reground Twinkam Camshafts set:-

Fast Road:-

These are inbetween spec cams more power and torque than LT without the camminess of the RS profiles. Absolutely brilliant fast road camshaft powerband 2250RPM-7200RPM

Basic Spec:-
DURATION @ 1.0mm with zero clearance 238° valve lift 8.8mm. LATDC 2.1mm

Turbo Spec:-

Fast road spec cams specifically ground for turbo applications powerband 2000RPM-7000RPM+
DURATION @ 1.0mm with zero clearance 232° valve lift 8.75mm. LATDC 1.35mm inlet, 1.2mm exh

Sprint Spec:-

Extremely popular sprint cams, used in 150+ horsepower builds. Powerband 3000RPM-8500RPM+
DURATION @ 1.0mm with zero clearance 260° valve lift 10.25mm LATDC 3.25mm inlet, 2.6mm exh

ALL CAM SETS BASED ON EXCHANGE OF BMW RS CAMSHAFTS ONLY - outright purchase option available

supplied with custom lash caps - PLEASE ADVISE LT OR RS HEAD BEING USED