Twin Kam Engine Management Package

Twin Kam Engine Management Package



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Twin Kam Engine Management Package

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This complete engine management package contains everything needed to get your Twin Kam engined car up and running. It is the most powerful and comprehensive engine management system at the best value price from the company who have been making these kits the longest!

The package contains:
SC D400 ECU, pre-mapped with a full dyno calibration to suit your spec
SC Road spec wiring harness
Air Temperature sensor
Coolant Temperature sensor
Ignition Coil, HT Leads and Mounting Bracket (with Fixings)
SC Crank Trigger Kit including sensor
SC CAN interface dongle and comms lead
If you expect your K engine to produce in excess of 130bhp, you will need higher flow injectors than the standard BMW ones, which at 150cc/min flow rate are limited to around 130bhp maximum. In this case, purchase the package with a set of new Bosch EV6 440cc/min injectors as an optional extra.

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