Rover Mini SPI Throttle Body Kit

Rover Mini SPI Throttle Body Kit



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Rover Mini SPi Throttle Body Kit

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Specialist Components developed mappable engine management system for A-series 5 port engines. With the success seen by the Carburettor replacement kits we have expanded the range to include a 'bolt-on' solution for Rover Mini equipped with Single Point Injection (SPi). This system delivers the ability to tune your SPI engine for further power but removing the restrictive standard throttle body and inlet manifold with the addition of programmable engine management. The system is simple to install and fits into a standard SPI Mini with no body modifications. This is a cost effective upgrade and suitable for all SPI equipped Minis.

Kit Contents:

SC One Piece Throttle Body (45 or 50mm)
SC Billet Injector Adapter
High Flow Fuel Injectors
Billet Fuel Rail
High Flow Inlet Manifold
High Flow Billet Ram Pipe
Bespoke SC branded ITG air filter and backplate
Wiring Loom Adapter Harnesses
SC D400 Fully Mappable ECU
USB Interface Dongle & PC Software
Air Temperature Sensor
Billet Thermostat Housing with Coolant Temperature Sensor
Brake Servo Adapter for Inlet Manifold
Part Load Breather Manifold
Throttle Cable
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Now you can tune your injection Mini just like those with carburettors. Make maximum advantage of any modifications to your engine. Set the idle speed, pass the MOT (with a suitable catalytic converter) or simply check that all your sensors are working correctly without need for expensive diagnostic testers.
Suitable for all single point fuel injection Rover Minis (standard and Cooper) fitted with a single plug Rover MEMS engine management system. Some early cars have two plugs, but these can be re-wired to work with the single plug.
Please use the options below to select your Specifications. 50mm body comes with a hand ported inlet manifold
PLEASE NOTE: These kits are not suitable for cars fitted with Automatic transmission.