SC Delta 400 ECU

SC Delta 400 ECU



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The Specialist Components Delta 400 ECU.

Intuitive Bespoke Real Time Calibration Tool using micro USB CAN Interface Dongle
Up to 4 Cylinders Direct Ignition and Sequential Injection
Up to 6 Cylinders Wasted Spark and Sequential Injection
Up to 8 Cylinders Wasted Spark and Batched Injection
Engine Logbook Recording Vital Engine Statistics
Wide Range of Original Equipment Trigger Patterns Supported
32 x 32 Variable Breakpoint Fuel and Ignition Main Maps
Alpha-N, Speed Density or Hybrid Alpha-N with MAP Correction Load Input
Maximum Engine Speed Breakpoints up to 16,500rpm
Individual Cylinder Trim Maps for both Fuel and Ignition
Stereo Closed Loop Fuelling Control (Narrowband or Wideband) with Lambda Auto Mapping
User Configurable Hard and Soft Engine Speed Limiters as a function of Coolant Temperature
User Selectable OEM CAN Output to drive Original Equipment Dashboards and EPAS systems
Comprehensive Transient Fuelling Control
Closed Loop Boost Control with Overboost Fuel Cut Protection and Gear offsets
Comprehensive Environmental Corrections for Fuelling and Ignition
Cranking and Cold Start Enrichment Maps
Overrun Fuel Cut-off Strategy
Closed Loop Idle Speed Control for both Ignition and Idle Air Bypass Valve
Variable Camshaft Timing Control for up to 2 Camshafts
All Sensor Inputs are User Configurable
VTEC Cam Switching Control
Configurable Shift Lamp Control
Comprehensive Launch Control, Switched or Fully Automatic
Pit Lane Speed Limiter
Closed or open loop gear cut switch or direct GCU Input, full Ignition Cut or Ignition Retard