SC 1380cc 7 Port Engine

SC 1380cc 7 Port Engine
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With more than 30 years of engine building experience, the team of highly skilled engineers at Specialist Components have been building unrivalled engines for the Mini. Ranging from a 60hp A series refresh to full race 250+hp Rotrex powered Twinkam engines. All of our engines are built to the highest possible standard no matter what the spec, built for reliability and strength.

Our 7 port crate engine's make great road going engines as well as fantastic track day toys! All of our engines are built to suit each individual and their needs.

Below is the spec of a 1380cc 7 port engine:

SC Billet 7 Port cylinder head complete with 36*31 valves, SC spec springs, bronze valve guides
AT Power bespoke billet throttle bodies
Engine block acid dipped, re bored to 73.5mm
73.5mm Omega pistons (Cast or Forged)
New VP2 bearings and thrusts
ARP rod bolts
ARP high tensile head studs and nuts
1.5 rocker assembly
RE13PP camshaft kit
Gearbox fully rebuilt with new bearings etc
New X-pin diff
New flywheel and clutch kit
SC Tough crank
All cases blasted and painted
Full SC 7 port management kit
Billet timing cover kit

A complete crate engine similar to the above spec can be yours from just £9995.00* + VAT. All of our engines can be shipped worldwide in purpose built shipping crates.

The above spec is just a guide and we can build with different capacity, different camshafts etc etc.

Please contact us with your enquiries for a bespoke quote.

*Subject to specification and supply of donor engine.

NOTE: The price above is for a base spec engine. Prices for these engines range massively and a top spec engine can be in excess of £11,500 + vat.