Stainless Steel LCB Exhaust Manifold

Stainless Steel LCB Exhaust Manifold



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NEW for 2022, Ultra High Performance T304 LCB.
New for 2022, ultra large bore LCB. T304 mandrel formed tubes, 316L CNC "Merge" flanges - where the exh port shape matches a big bore gasket and the transition from rectangle to round is all in the CNC'd flange - making the transition very efficient - no squashed pipes to match the port shape, the pipes are round. Tig welded throughout, O2 sensor in Y piece, sizes are: - Cyl's 1+4, O/D = 38mm primary secondary = 41.25mm, Centre pipe OD = 45mm, secondary = £41.25mm, tailpipe has 2" O/D on outlet.

Designed for very high HP/Torque engines such as our S-Pack which push 160hp/130 lb/ft and require an efficient high flow exhaust to not restrict the power unit, also suitable for very large capacity engines and race engines.

Weight: 3.15 KG.

Manufactured exclusively for SC in the UK by Enhance Performance.