SC Tough Crank and Rod Bundle

SC Tough Crank and Rod Bundle



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SC Tough Crank and Rod Bundle

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A brand new bundle product from SC, the ultimate combination for a strong engine. This combination is used in 99% of SC crate engines including our 90hp fast road engines through to our Twinkam 16v engines.

This new bundle combines the SC 1275 A+ Tough Crank with SC steel conrods.

SC Tough Crank:
Wedged and bladed to add counterbalance to the assembly, cross drilled mains journals.
Polished (std sizing) or ground undersized and polished journals.
Heat treated to add hardness to the crank, finish polished.
A+ 1275cc only.

SC Steel conrods:
To Suit Rover "A+" Series 1275 Engines and now in 'Cooper S' big end size too!
Standard Stroke
Machined from 4340 chromoly double air re-melt steel forgings.
Optimised design between strength and lightweight.
Hardened after machining.
Machine uniform shot peening.
Critical surfaces and dimensions precision machined and honed to fine tolerances post shot peen.
All parts magnaflux tested for crack/flaw detection.
Bronze small end bushes, with oil feed hole.
Balanced end to end to within +/- 1g.
Cooper S size weight 490g each (A+ weigh slightly more).
ARP rod bolts.
Laser etched.
Boxed in sets of 4 with ARP Moly assembly paste.
Available with re-bushed little ends for use with 18mm pin conrods

Prices are based on an outright purchase of the crankshaft. If a serviceable donor 1275 crankshaft is supplied then we can reimburse a £300.00 core charge.

If you have any questions regarding this product then please contact us.