SC Neodymium Billet Sump Plug Kit

SC Neodymium Billet Sump Plug Kit



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SC Neodymium Billet Sump Plug Kit

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SC Neodymium billet sump plug, rear sump plug and adaptor kit. This kit replaces the standard sump plug and allows you to fit an additional sump plug to the back of the gearbox where the oil pickup is.

The adaptor fits in place of the traditional blanking plate and gives you additional piece of mind for any swarf/particles that make it through the pickup pipe mesh.

Made from strong but lightweight 6082 T6 alloy, these plugs are fitted with the strongest Neodymium magnets (easily capable of lifting 2.5kg+ each!). They are also an 8mm dia magnet which is wider than the standard magnet.

The sump plug also features a locating neck for the washer so that it remains central unlike the standard plugs.

Plug is cross drilled so that it can be lock wired for racers.

Designed and manufactured in house and available in a range of colours. Adaptor supplied in black and choice of colour on plug.

Also available as a kit including the traditional sump plug for the side of the gear box.

Kit Contains:

Sump plug with long Neodymium magnet fitted
Sump plug with short Neodymium magnet fitted
Copper sealing washers
Plug to gearbox adaptor plate and fixings