Cast Alloy 7 Port Head - BARE

Cast Alloy 7 Port Head - BARE



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Cast Alloy 7 Port Head - BARE

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Cast alloy 7 port cylinder head prepared by SC.

This cylinder head is cast in the USA and machined here in Norfolk.

Fully CNC machined with:

Valve seats inserts fitted
Valve guides fitted and reamed
Core plugs fitted
Fully pressure tested

Pre-drilled blind for 11 stud, but can be used on 9 stud engines.

The head can then be finished to your desired spec (porting etc), or fitted up with hardware and used as is.

We strongly recommend purchasing the Spring/Top Cap/Spring Seat kit to accompany this head.

Note: This head does not include any hardware eg. valves,springs. Nor does it include any porting or surface preparation.