Cast Alloy 5 Port Cylinder Head

Cast Alloy 5 Port Cylinder Head



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Cast Alloy 5 Port Cylinder Head
Another new product for 2021. Cast in the USA and machined by us here in Norfolk.

SC spec Cast Alloy 5 port cylinder head. Fitted with the same specification hardware as our Supersport cylinder head:

Bespoke heads built to suit your engine specification.
Fully Assembled Cylinder Head
New bronze valve guides.
35.7/31mm stainless one-piece valves.
High quality double springs.
New collets, top caps, seats etc.
Drilled for 11 stud
All surfaces machined for maximum gasket sealing

Weighs just 5.7kg fully assembled vs the iron head at 13.8kg!

These heads have bigger ports than our Supersport heads meaning as well as fast road use, they can be used for full race and rally applications.

These heads are a straight replacement for the iron 5 port head and work well with our fuel injection systems, or your original carburettors.